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Description: Small as a stitching needle, a clip, a pencil, big as a scanner, a copy machine, our life and work have been used to make the contact with all kinds of stationery for a long time. Nowadays, more and more stationery brands have been march towards to smart stationery field, trends to the road of movement and environmental protection. December of 2016, We made a multi-functional pen holder for our long term customer VSON, it is the first time to build the writing film in the office supplies.There are lots of inventions in the world, mainly for solve some small daily issues, just like the small nail on the wall, so ordinary. But if your use it in somewhere accidentally, they shows their extraordinary talents on the contrary, like this creative pen holder---combine with the original brush pot a...
Description: Tape measure, an important small tool in our daily life, since we knew it, never changed. We use it to measure the size, then record the data, this traditional method seems inconvenience and waste time, but always be accepted.August of 2017, On the basis of the first successful combination writing tablet and office supplies, we cooperate with VSON again, designed the tape measure with the writing function, once again to show the widely usage of the writing tablet.You think this creative tape measure just with a LCD writing film? No,it is not so easy, it is versatile in fact, can make your measure more efficiently and convenience.Indeed, there is no big difference from this creative tape measure and the traditional one from the appearance, just in one side, there is a round shape writing ar...
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