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8.5 inch LCD writing tablet

Listing Date: 2017-12-08

Product size: 228*144*5mm

Package size: 235*148*8mm

Writing area: 177*130mm


Writing force: 50gf-300gf

Colors choice: Gray/Red/Blue

Battery item: CR2016

Baseboard material: ABS

Length of pen: 120mm

Material of pen: ABS+ POM

Magnetic stripe size: 60*15*2mm

Package information: Carton size: 37.5*33.5*27.3cm


G/W: 14.45KG


the real writing feel.

Three colors for choices,

 megnetic trip on the back

 can stick on the refrigerator.

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Product size: 228*144*5mmPackage size: 235*148*8mmWriting area: 177*130mmN/W:117gWriting force: 50gf-300gfColors choice: Gray/Red/BlueBattery item: CR2016Baseboard material: ABSLength of pen: 120mmMaterial of pen: ABS+ POMMagnetic stripe size: 60*15*2mmPackage information: Carton size: 37.5*33.5*27.3cm100pcs/cartonG/W: 14.45KG
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