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  • 2017 / 12 / 08
    Shenzhen POLICRAL Technology focus on bistable liquid crystal flexible film based on CH-LCD technology, and experienced in design and produce liquid crystal writing tablet, flexible liquid crystal display, liquid crystal light adjusting film and related control system. And will continuously create, strengthen cooperation, try our best to be the top enterprise in the field.Now we build a professional team combine with display, material and produce, established deep cooperate relationship with the special display technology country engineer lab ---Hefei University of technology, Institute of pho...
  • 2017 / 12 / 08
    Shenzhen POLICRAL Technology is the professional LCD writing tablet manufacturer, we can make the products as the customer’s request. Now we have the most completely calligraphy, include four types: thin & bright, standard, high bright and colorful. Customers can design by themselves, chose the suitable size they need, then chose the calligraphy they want.Customers also can chose the appearance from our current products, and change to their favorite color, or revise partially, and print their own logo.Customers can combine their products with our writing film, design our product to theirs,...
  • 2017 / 12 / 08
    As the pioneer of the LCD writing tablet, Shenzhen POLICRAL Technology is strictly to the quality. We are strictly control the production material, and full inspection to all of the finished products, to ensure every product to the customer is perfect.All of the products reach to customers, no matter the distributors or end customers, if is the product quality problem, we will replace a new one, and we promise within one year, if normally use but have the problem, we can mend for free. Because we are confidence with our quality, so we can give this promise.Now we are promotion our products by ...
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